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Delhi 2015: David vs. Goliath

David Vs. Goliath

For some days I have been following the elections in Delhi, as rest of the country is. I have been interested in this more than, any other elections, all of them swept by BJP. And why I am interested in this one so much? First, because there is a serious competition here for BJP, and second is the nature of the competitor. Generally, I am a BJP supporter, even before the rise of Modi, I rooted for BJP. But this time, in this particular election I root for AAP. Why? Because, when David stands in the way of Goliath, with the sling-shot as his only weapon, against the panoply of Goliath’s, it’s hard to not to revere David. The initial opinion poll and now as I am writing it, exit polls suggests the majority for AAP. If they under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal, can do that; beat the Shah and Modi led BJP, it would be phenomenal. It would really be David’s victory over Goliath repeated; and BJP—with this Modi wave, the consecutive victories in other state and in the center and with 120 MPs and several union ministers, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself for their campaign—is no lesser a foe than Goliath. It doesn’t matter, whether philosophically you agree with David or not, for me at least it doesn’t. (Anyway in our countries politics, it sometimes becomes difficult to point out the ideology of particular parties and almost impossible for particular politicians.) It’s just fascinating to see a party established 2 years ago, bringing a well-established party in its prime to its knees. BJP has spared no efforts including bringing clean faced Kiran Bedi, to counter Kejriwal. Interestingly, this time this dominant and confident party was following Kejriwal; playing the game by his rules. One can argue that it has happened before, they have made a government in the previous election (and it didn’t work well); so why so much fuss about it. But this time it is different, at that time the incumbent party, Congress was falling into abyss, and BJP was still rising to its paragon. Now the situation has changed, Congress has reached the bottom of the chasm and BJP is at its Apotheosis. I have not studied, but I am pretty sure that at no time in past BJP was as powerful as it is now and reigned over the so much area it’s ruling now. And if one can beat that, with a fraction of resources compared to the big guy, he is a Hero, irrespective of his ideology.

Note: David was king of Israel, as per Bible, when he was teenager boy he beat the giant Palestinian soldier Goliath, who was considered invincible. The metaphor of David and Goliath is quite common depicting the fight between large and tiny, and it has nothing to do with goodness of David or evil of Goliath as in the original Biblical story.

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