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American Hypocrisy

As 4th of July, the birthday of the most powerful and influential nation of our time passes by, I can’t resist but to write something about the American way of life. Buy America, I mean the country that sits above those nations of Brazil and Mexico and below our beloved Canada, and has influenced the world more than any country in past century politically, economically and culturally. If a question is raised that what is the most prominent characteristic of that nation you can answer it as hypocrisy. An American TV series named South Park, on their 100th episode on the theme of the Iraq war and its protests showed that a character, and not any character a particularly nasty one, goes back in time and learns from Ben Franklin himself that one hand, we will go to war and on another we will support its protesters. Well, it is a comedy series, but the point really is notable. I think throughout history, the hypocrisy of America can be hardly matched by any other country. (Well, I have limited knowledge of history)

The US has engaged in more war in last 100 years than any other country, although they call themselves peace lovers and ‘peacekeepers’. The US believes in open press and transparent administration, but they have more secrets than any other (all other combined) country in the world. They have literally got a ‘Fort’ress for that purpose!!!! The US believes in freedom of expression at its extreme, but communism was an exception till now. Robert J Oppenheimer suffered a lot, only because his wife and brother had a leaning towards communism. They believe in science and many great scientists of our time have come from the US, but over half of its citizens do not believe in evolution even today. They call themselves secular, but 51% percent American said that they would not vote for an atheist (non-believer of God). They believe in system, but haven’t accepted the Metric system! ;p

But there is also good things about this hypocrisy, one of them is you can ridicule American hypocrisy on American television. However, what do you blame the US for, you won’t be crushed by force. And there is something kind of glamorous about American hypocrisy, which is not found elsewhere. At last, whether it is Beauty, Hustle, Gangster or Pie we love it when it is American, then why not Hypocrisy?

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