GATEs always open for me

Maybe doors shut on me, but GATEs always open!!

gate 2016 scorecard

I know it’s not an extraordinary score and is nothing to brag about. But, in my defense, I was unprepared. I had only a month to prepare, that also along with a job. I appeared in GATE only for fun, but still, it matters to me. Still rank of 1190 out of 108 thousand candidates is not bad. For, it’s my way to express my love for computer science.

The thing I hate about Indian Television

First of all, I must clarify that I am not very much familiar with Indian Television shows, I have watched very few shows and most of them accompanying someone or at family gatherings. I have not watched a single episode of C.I.D. or Shaktiman, which is a rare quality to find in someone of my age. Although I will still make my point and will make it firmly, because these are the things I have seen in every single show I watched, without an exception. Now first thing first, there is a reason behind my non-acquaintance with Indian TV shows, and it is that I don’t like them at all. There are many reasons behind it– most of the shows are cheap opera with utter disregard for the storyline as well as production quality; reality TV doesn’t look real; comedies are cheap, tasteless and many times vulgar; kid’s shows are rubbish with poor animations etc. But above all this the thing I hate most about it is its brazen disregard for audiences’ time. We watch TV to get entertained and once in a while get a message or get enriched. We pay for that, we even watch commercial, so that shows have enough budget to produce quality stuff. In return, all I expect is a sincere program with only the audience in mind. But they do not do that, they show a minutes worth content in 10 minutes only to make the show longer and worst of that all are the promotions these shows do. You can’t watch a popular show for five episode at stretch without some celebrities promoting their film, mingling with the story. Come on, how someone can tolerate that; I say that it is cheating, fraud, chicanery. Hello, I have f**king paid for the show, and you are showing me someone promoting, it’s like commercial even during the show. Totally unacceptable. The sad thing is people still watch it, unaware of the fact they are fleeced out of their time and money.

Reviving the blog

It has been quite a time, seven and half month to be exact, since I last posted something on this blog. To be political I had taken a hiatus from blogging for a while. To be blunt and honest the blog was dead for 7 months. However, even though I hadn’t posted anything on the blog for a long time it doesn’t mean that I haven’t written anything during that time. I have been writing my personal log fairly regularly during this months as I have done before. Actually, only a few selected items from my personal log (which contains anything that comes into my mind) goes into my web log (which is this Blog). In the following days, I will keep posting some of the writings from that time as well as anything new I write.

This is my payday

I just scored 36.33 (normalized 34.22) in GATE exam, AIR 5039. It is not a bad score given i had only prepared for 1 or 2 weeks seriously. But if some one says i got that for free or by luck, that is not true. Like, Mr. Angier in ‘The Prestige’, “I also have made sacrifice, i also have paid the cost”. May be i have not attended hefty coaching and gave a dozen of mock tests, but for 2 years (sem 4,5,6,7) I have tried to learn the subjects, to embrace the logic behind it. I have spend hours struggling with a program, which was not even in syllabus. I am not saying i didn’t enjoy it, I enjoyed it a lot, but I also paid a price, like being a social pariah all the time.

Res. 34.22

Not bad, huh !!

Today is my payday. I am not taking admission on this marks anywhere, but may be it will help me in getting a tutors job, while I prepare for my post graduation. And last thing I am not going to remain a social pariah any more; I know I will never be a social butterfly, but a social caterpillar will suffice.

Why start blogging ?

I have been writing personal log for about one and a half year, and I have thought more than once to make a part of it public as web log or blog. But I never did it, partly because I thought it was not worth the effort  of hosting the site and choosing domain (i will not go with or something like that, i am an engineer) and partly because i am lazy. But a few days ago i accidentally landed in a blog called themangoman (aam aadmi). It was not an active blog, last posts were about two year old, but what i loved there was the integrity of the author. I thought let me also do this, if one guy (or girl, preferably) in the whole wide world (or world wide web) enjoys my writing as i did his, it will be worth the effort.