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Immortal Coils

I don’t know how many times I have, wondered about ‘how the first living organism in the world came to place ?’ , I knew there is no final answer for that question yet, and may there never will be (unless we make a time machine….). But what will suffice me is a logical explanation of the phenomenon. On the second chapter of the book ‘Selfish Gene’ by Richard Dawkins I got that answer and as I read ahead other shocking ideas, which were undeniably logical.


Long Reach of Gene

The core of the book is  “We (and all living organisms)  are machines, a vehicle programmed by our genes, to ensure their survival” and that these genes are selfish, all they ‘care’ is about their survival. It denies an individual as an unit of natural selection. It says that our conscientiousness, our survival instinct and our love or altruism for relatives, all are part of the genes programming for their survival in the long race.

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