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It is good only for the rational minds


where do they lead to ?

The great thinkers of past age like Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammad or Christ, they all gave a doctrine of thought to people in form of simple rules. They did it because it was easy for common man to understand it. Pure thoughts are hard to understand for common people. But what they failed to see was that with time this rules will become obsolete, insignificant and even dangerous in hands of irrational minds. Every man who will dare to ask questions about this rules will be trashed. They thought this simple rules would be periodically revised by wise men and will provide  better leaving for common man; but it didn’t happen. Actually what happened that wise men , rational minds learned the thoughts given by the Holy man and irrational minds followed the rules; so when rules became non-contextual or misinterpreted, the wise men told that this is not the truth. But the followers of rules were irrational minds, closed minds; they didn’t listen to the logical argument presented by wise few; instead they bullied them and punished them for challenging the rule. This way after generations the essence of doctrine died and only a skeleton of original thoughts remained, claiming to be the original thoughts obstructing the little creatures trying to grow on their own (the thoughtful ones). This is the tragedy of today’s religions.

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  1. Congrats for the GRE perfomance and kudos for this blog!! The feel and flavour of this blog is all very much fresh…Its a great start!!

    Your point is much valid but i think (specifically) buddha and mahavira didnt gave simple rules…they preached pretty complicated philosophies… May be the followers made the rules.

    And with this I am breaking the virginity of your comment box!!

    1. Thanks Prarthit, it means a lot getting a complement from u and about Buddha and Mahavira they gave both complicated philosophies and simple rules (path of knowledge for discerning and path of action for active). However what happened that their philosophies and knowledge, became limited to a very few while the majority closed their minds and continue following obsolete rules. In Jainism only many great philosophers like Hemchandracharaya and Srimad Rajchandra (these 2 i know) gave their message in recent times(past 500 years), and some people also got great benefit from their wisdom; but closed doors of Jainism prevented it from being a beneficiary.

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